A designer hospital gown and a woman in the hospital gown. A Hospital Gown ... A Cancer Patient Gift
“Wearing an elegant robe to each one of my treatments made me feel like a queen staring down cancer.” -Toby Israel

A patient gift for women on a healing journey through radiation, recovery and life . . .

Helping Women Feel:

  • Beautiful, feminine
  • Supported by others with shared experiences
  • Empowered, renewed
Toby Israel, Ph.D., a visionary founder

Toby Israel, Ph.D.

Featured in Oprah’s O Home, The New York Times, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Men’s Health Living and more.

A Message from Dr. Toby Israel

My journey to develop the ‘Robe to Wellness’ began when I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Wearing an elegant robe to each of my radiation treatments made me feel like a queen, staring down cancer. Now, using this experience and my expertise as a design psychologist, I’ve developed a naturally nurturing robe with a healing ‘Well Wishes’ message.

Where do the messages come from? Anyone who wants to surround women on a healing journey with love and support can post a ‘Well Wishes’ message on this site. The messages, transformed into labels, are then sewn into the robe’s collar by Sewing Circles at local cancer support centers. Such on-line and in-person social networking spreads the word, “Go girl! You are not alone.”

Best wishes,


P.S. Please take a moment to send women on the road to recovery your well wishes message.