Dr. Toby Israel is interviewed by WZBN.
“I am a breast cancer survivor. At the beginning of my radiation treatments, I was offered a gift of a beautiful robe. This gesture touched my heart and I am sending you my heart-felt thanks. I am using the robe and thinking of you and the thoughtful, generous donor. Your original gift idea was gratefully accepted and much appreciated.”
Support women on the healing journey
through treatment, recovery and life . . .

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THE MISSION of ‘Robe to Wellness’ is to Help Women Undergoing Radiation Feel:

  • Beautiful and feminine
  • Supported by women with shared experiences
  • Empowered, renewed

Your Contribution to the ‘Robe to Wellness’ Project Helps:

  • Provide beautiful, empowering robes to women in treatment
  • Sponsor ‘Robe to Wellness Sewing Circles’ at cancer support centers
  • Honor or remember someone special via your gift

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Please contact at info@robetowellness.com or (609) 683-1317

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